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About Sonic Distortion

Sonic Distortion is a crew of 4 djs based in Prague and Ostrava - two cities of Czech republic. It was founded by djs Cymoon and TV in January 1998 with a goal to promote constantly developing psytrance sound by playing it in their dj sets and making own psychedelic trance events and spread the vibe among czech people. Rawe joined the crew a year later and Pooh was the last one to join Sonic Distortion around the year 2000.

Since then Sonic Distortion djs have played many dj sets all over the Czech republic and in the last few years were invited to play in many european countries from small parties to big festival as well. Our djs have performed in Holland, Russia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Belgium.... The highlights are festivals like Omni, Solartribe, Orejona and last year we were invited to play at Boom festival 2004, which was a nice reward for our long lasting activities.

We are not focusing on one kind of psytrance. We are covering all aspects of this worldwide sound from groovy-housey progressive through melodic morning full-on to full psychedelic night trance including chillout and ambient. Each of our djs has its own favorite style of course so check the dj profiles to get a better image.

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We are also promoting own parties, where we are trying to bring interesting artists. Until now we had a pleasure to work with artists like Rastaliens, Sensient, Lemurians, Matt Boom!, Para Halu, Mr. Peculiar, Shane Gobi, Jahbo, Triskell, Quadra and others and we hope to bring more in the future, but it is not easy thing for us to throw a party with a foreign guest here in our country while keeping the atmosphere and vibe underground. And this is the thing people from abroad like in our czech psytrance scene pretty much next to cheap beer and beautiful girls ;)

Our members are running various side projects as well. Cymoon is the founder of and is trying to keep it alive for 8 years now, TV runs his own label Oxygen records dedicated to full morning sound and Rawe is focused on designing covers and websites in his Morawec design factory and producing his own music.

Past Sonic Distortion events

Cyclic Drive VI with Gappeq live, Ostrava

party picture

Cyclic Drive V with Triskell in live & dj set, Ostrava

Suprasonic festival with Sensient, Triskell, Phi, Mr. Peculiar, Ilija and Gappeq

Cyclic Drive IV with dj Sahaswarta, Ostrava

party picture

Cyclic Drive III with Boxer from Dark Soho, Ostrava

Cyclic Drive II with dj Spenraa from Alchemy records, Ostrava

Cyclic Drive with Para Halu live, Ostrava

party picture

ProtivĂ­n 2003 with Rastaliens, Shane Gobi, Gappeq & Mutant Star

Sonic Lemuria with Lemurians live, Praha

Sonic Insect with Jahbo from Meteloids live, Milovice

party picture

Protivin 200.2 with Quadra, Metronome & dj Matt Boom!

Sonic Aliens with Rastaliens live, Milovice

Harmonic Chaos, Ostrava

party picture

Virtual Substance, Ostrava

Trance Himalaya Conection with dj Tul, Ostrava

4 years of Sonic Distortion, Milovice

party picture

Sonic Boom with dj Matt Boom!, Beroun

Sonic Psycle with dj Alizard, Milovice

SonicVision, Cesky Brod, in cooperation with Tribal Vision

Fullmoon Open-Air Protivin

Sonic Realm, Beroun

Shakti, Prague, in cooperation with Perplex

Resonate, Praha

Outersphere, Praha

Mindflip, Praha

Neurons of widsom, Praha

Electronic Meditation, Praha

Sonic Distortion, Praha

Sonic Distortion, Praha

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