Sonic Distortion


- the centre point of czech psytrance scene. You can find there full party list, photos and videos from many czech parties and some articles are in english as well. Just look for an UK flag.

Oxygen records (CZ)
- TVs new label (CZ)
- Rawe and his design works

Fluorobotanics (CZ)
- our great deco crew

Tribal Vision records (CZ)
- czech progressive psytrance label

Hedonix (CZ)
- czech party promoters and djs

Surface Tension (CZ)
- psytrance djs crew from Ostrava city

Mutant Star (CZ)
- our friends music project

BooYone SoundSystem (CZ)
- czech psytrance soundsystem

Psyverse (SK)
- main psytrance website of our slovak brothers

Scandinavian Trance Promotion (SE)
- nice place to look for DJs and live-acts and their contacts

Cosmic Walkers (DE)
- nice guys from Germany. Music, deco, parties...

Meteloids (DK)
- young danish guys with powerful psikadelic music

Rastaliens (DE)
- great guys, great live-act, great music

- french groovy full-on sound made by our friend Triskell


Apoxina records
Boom! records
Inpsyde Media
Ketuh records
Psytropic records
Trishula records


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